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The fabric is offered in half a meter increments. Please select the desired amount. Dimensions for 1 unit length: 50cm; Width: 140cm All patterns are designed by Bonnie & Buttermilk. NOW THERE ARE FINALLY METER GOODS FROM BONNIE & BUTTERMILK! Beautiful cotton weware by the designer duo Bonnie and Buttermilk. There are wavy lines with suns on the fabric. Each sun is 4cm tall. The width of the fabric is approximately 1.40 meters. The fabric is great for various sewing projects. Shirts, dresses, sweaters etc. All Bonnie and Buttermilk fabrics are self-designed and are intended for private use only and may not be resold in any form. Only while supplies last;). Material used: 98% cotton, 2% elastane Weight: approx 170g / square meter The fabric is offered in half a meter increments. Please select the desired amount. Half a meter price: 13.90 meters price: 27.80 All Bonnie and Buttermilk products are handcrafted especially for you within a great little team in Berlin with a good portion of love. Fair production conditions are one of our standards. The fabrics are designed by ourselves and printed in Germany.

Meterware Webware feste Baumwolle "MAGIC MUGS ORANGEROT"

SKU: 8-003-A079-070
  • Die Lieferzeit richtet sich nach dem jeweiligen Produkt. 

    Stoffe/Patches/Nähpakete: 3-10 Werktage

    DIY Nähsets: 15 Werktage

    Genähte Produkte: 15-25 Werktage

    Wenn deine Bestellung mehrere unterschiedliche Produkte umfasst, richtet sich die Lieferzeit deiner Bestellung nach dem Produkt mit der längsten Lieferzeit. Wenn du deine Bestellung zu einem besonderen Anlass haben möchtest, schreib uns doch einfach vorher und wir finden eine Lösung, dass du deine Bestellung rechtzeitig erhältst.

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